Ninaz Saffari - April 2018

Robbery (second Strike, 26 years) - reduced to Receiving Stolen Property (no jail, probation or second Strike)

The client was charged with felony Robbery (a Strike, which is a violent felony) and was facing 26 years in prison. The client had a previous Robbery conviction and was on parole. His previous lawyer got the client an 8-year-prison offer on the felony Robbery charge, which would have resulted in a second Strike on his record for the new case. Ms. Saffari reviewed the police report, the transcript of the accusers' testimony, and the LAPD officers' body-cam footage. She presented evidence of inconsistencies in the case to the District Attorney, as well as problems with the accusers' credibility, and pushed the case to a jury trial. The Robbery charge was dismissed and the client received a no-jail, no-probation deal for Receiving Stolen Property (a reduced charge). The client avoided having a second Strike on his record.



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