Ninaz Saffari - October 2013

Worker's Compensation Insurance Fraud (felony, deportation) - dismissed

The client was charged with 5 felony counts of Worker's Compensation Insurance Fraud and Attempted Perjury. †The client was a non-citizen permanent resident who faced deportation as a result of the charges.† He was also the father of two young children. Two prosecution witnesses claimed that the client was not present in the area where the client claimed he had been injured on the job. Ms. Saffari had the client take a polygraph exam, which he passed. †She was also able to cast doubt on the credibility of the prosecutionís witnesses by providing the District Attorney with other (defense) witness statements and by pointing out inconsistencies in the prosecutionís witness statements. †Ms.Saffari set the case for a jury trial. The District Attorney dismissed the case on the first day of trial after Ms. Saffari announced that she was ready to proceed. †As a result, the client was able to stay in the country and is now a permanent U.S. citizen.



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