Ninaz Saffari - June 2015

Rape (2 Strikes, 47 years) - misdemeanor only and no jail after jury trial

The client was charged with 2 counts of Rape and faced 2 Strikes on his record and 47 years in prison. The client had made statements to the police that sounded like a confession and so the District Attorney thought it was an open-and-shut case. Ms. Saffari took the case to jury trial and was able to cast doubt on the credibility of the alleged victim by showing that she had made prior inconsistent statements. Ms.Saffari put several expert witnesses on the stand and proved that there was a lack of DNA evidence. The result was a hung jury with 6 voting for guilty and 6 for not guilty. During the second jury trial, the District Attorney offered, and the client accepted, one count of misdemeanor Sexual Battery with no Strike and no jail time.



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