Felony Expungements

A surprising number of felonies in California can be reduced to misdemeanors and then expunged from your criminal record. Many, if not most, misdemeanors can also be directly expunged. This means that you can legally answer “no” to any question on a private employment application that asks if you have ever been convicted of a felony. (If you are applying for a government job, however, you must legally reply, “Yes – case dismissed”.)

This also means that you will be eligible to obtain and hold most professional state licenses in California, as well as many federal licenses. (However, if the questionnaire asks if you have ever been arrested, you would legally be required to answer “yes”. For example, this is the case with all applications for federal securities and commodities licenses.) And, of course, if anyone runs a criminal background check on you, no conviction will appear on your record.

Other benefits of expungement include the following:

  • Ability to pursue all employment opportunities;
  • Eligibility for student loans and financial assistance;
  • Eligibility for bank loans;
  • Right to own and possess firearms (in most instances);
  • Peace of mind knowing you have rectified your life.

Felony reductions and expungements require a competent, knowledgeable, and experienced Los Angeles expungement attorney like Ninaz Saffari to prepare and file the applicable motions, and to appear in person and argue those motions before a judge. Usually, you are not required to appear in person.

The expungement motion is filed pursuant to California Penal Code section 1203.4 P.C., which allows for expungements in the following circumstances:

(1) You were convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to, a non-violent felony (a “wobbler felony”) that did not result in a prison term, and you successfully completed probation;

(2) You were convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to, a misdemeanor, and you successfully completed probation.

Once your motion is granted, the judge will enter a “not guilty” plea on your behalf, and your case will be dismissed.

Even if you have not completed probation, an experienced expungement attorney like Ms. Saffari can petition the court for early termination of probation if you have completed at least half of your original probationary term (but usually two out of three years, or three out of five), paid all your fines and restitution (if any), have otherwise completed all of your probation terms, and are not currently facing any other criminal charges.

In other words, if you have not complied with the terms of your probation, or if you are currently facing other charges, you will not eligible for early termination of probation, felony reduction, or felony expungement. You will also be ineligible if you have been convicted of a felony in violation of California Vehicle Code sections 42001(b) V.C., 2800 V.C., 2801, or 2803 V.C. or Penal Code sections 261.5(d) P.C., 286(c) P.C., 288, 288a(c) P.C., 288.5 P.C., or 289(j) P.C.

Since 2005, Ninaz Saffari has successfully reduced and expunged felonies for scores of her clients.


If you or a loved one have been convicted of a felony, it is critical that you immediately hire a highly skilled, aggressive and experienced Los Angeles County Felony Expungement attorney like Ninaz Saffari. Contact the Saffari Law Firm, P.C. now for a free telephone consultation. If Ms. Saffari believes she can help you, she will immediately schedule a free in-person meeting or, if you are in custody, she will visit you in jail (again, for free and with no obligation to hire her).


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